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1 Jan

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our 2-legged and 4-legged friends! The year 2014 ended with a tally of 68 Transylvanian Hounds registered through the TRHC, and exactly half of those were born in our 5 litters during the year! Two more International Championships, 1 Hungarian and 1 Romanian Championships, 2 World Winner, 2 Americas Winner and 1 European Winner titles round out this year’s FCI show circuit. Here is to all those superb accomplishments! The bar is raised very high for... [More]
24 Nov

Rescued Kopó Finally Arrived in US

Ivó ♂, our rescued kopó from Transylvania has finally arrived in the US, thanks to a magnificent concerted effort by the TRHC members! He is comfortably settling in at the Traders Point Farm Kennel in Indianapolis, IN. We all wish him speedy recovery and... [More]
23 Nov

The San Juan International Dog Show

The San Juan International Dog Show is the most prestigious dog show in the Caribbean and the only FCI international dog show in U.S. territory. Our Club was represented by Argos  and Anika  -- both entered in Open Class. The male and the female kopó evenly split the Best of Breed trophy in the 4-day event, with Argos going on to win two Res. BOG titles, and Rommy (Anika) becoming Res. BOG on one occasion and winning BOG in the other show. Thus, for the first time on the Western Hemisphere, an Erdélyi Kopó joined the Best-in-Show competition in the Main Ring! Now, both dogs are FCI International Champions, Latin American Champions, Pan American Champions and Puerto Rican (USA) Champions!... [More]
24 Oct

Second Day of the European Winner Dog Show

On the second day of the European Winner Dog Show, held in Brno, Czech Republic this year, our Abdi  – still in intermediate class – was selected as European Winner and Best of Breed among the 8 Erdélyi Kopó entered! The other TRHC dog, Dinka , who came out of retirement for one last time, finished second in the Champion Class with a Res. CAC. Abdi, you never cease to amaze... [More]
5 Oct

Eight New Puppies!

The J-Litter of FPF Transylvanian Heritage Kennel is here! Sired by Avar  and born to Socks ♀, the 8 full-pedigreed puppies are all healthy and beautiful. Six boys and 2 girls, going by the following pedigree names: Janos, Javar, Jazon, Jeles, Josva, Jutas, Jari  and Jura. This was the final litter of Socks, the last of the breeding females of the old Fox Paw Farm bloodline. She will now... [More]
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