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Ours is a community of breeders, owners and aficionados of Transylvanian Hounds from around the world and the official breed association in The Americas and the Caribbean Region. We are affiliated with the Federación Canófila de Puerto Rico (FCPR), a Federated Member of the Fédération Cynologique International (FCI) in Thuin, Belgium.

The Club has now launched a multi-year initiative to register the breed with the American Kennel Club and build a dual affiliation for the future.

We are devoted to the study, breeding, exhibition (conformity, hunting and utility) and advancement of purebred Transylvanian Hounds. We are committed to ensuring the integrity of the documentation, breeding and sport of the Kopó globally. We are ardent advocates of responsible dog ownership and canine good health.

Welcome, new and old owners, breeders, hunters, hobbyists and supporters! And welcome, Kopós!

Welcome to Transylvanian Hound Club

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Áfonya Fonyi, b. Oct. 2011, MET Ek. 3714/R/11

Husband, kids, house, job... tick the boxes! Only one thing was missing: the family dog. When I was a child, I grew up with a Vizsla, who I swear could speak to me, listen like no one else and left a huge void behind when he died. My children had to experience the same affection, I thought. After having read about Transylvanian Hounds and meeting one in person, the decision was simple: our dog had to be a Kopó.

As my travel to Hungary drew closer, I searched through puppy ads and found my dream dog that was just about to be born.  We followed her over the internet from birth to her 8th week, and prepared for her arrival.  Áfonya (Bluberry in Hungarian) and her brother, Avar (who continued on to his new home in Texas) traveled back to the US with me at eleven weeks of age.  We soon learned that this puppy was an adventurous and independent creature, and our backyard was an unacceptably small world for her, therefore she had to dig a tunnel "all the way to China".  We also found that colorful organized vegetation was for cat owners, and we should not be such sissies when playing with our new four-legged friend.  Experience also taught us that although these dogs are not barkers, Fonyi "came alive".

Fonyi is over two years old now, and already much wiser and calmer that she was just a few months ago.  After a long day of work, I crash on the sofa and take out my laptop to cross some "t"-s and dot some "i"-s, she squeezes her nose under my forearm and lifts my hand off of the keyboard.

I pet her with one hand and keep typing with the other, so she nudges my other hand with her nose until I give up the work completely. Her eyes say the same thing every time, the poet Attila József's memorable lines: "Hagyd a dagadt ruhát másra,  Engem vigyél fel a padlásra."  (The swollen laundry needs no mother.  Take me, and leave it to another.)  I cannot take her our for a walk right now.  I sit quietly down on the floor, so she can lay down between my legs and rest her head on my lap.

Some websites claim Transylvanian Hounds can be happy in an apartment, but they are sadly mistaken.  Ours would lie on the carpet for hours on end if there was nothing to lift her nose up for.  She craves for play and long off-leash runs like any true hunting dog.  Keeping her locked in all the time would simply eat away at her soul.  Her beauty comes out when she runs off uncontained in the woods and lifts her head up tall to listen to a new sound.  Catch that gracious pose, because it will not last long before all you see is her tail sticking out of the tall grass, as her nose must sniff the ground constantly.

I am not biased; there are many cute dogs, but none are more gracious and aristocratic than a Transylvanian Hound.  Ask anyone to draw a dog, and you will find that the mental picture they have of "how a dog is supposed to look" is a Transylvanian Hound.  I am not just saying it: experience it yourself!

Omaha, NE



After two plane rides, an hour of anticipation, and a long car ride home, our baby bundle of joy was now in our hands. It was eleven years ago that I drove to Chicago with my husband Troy to pick up my Transylvanian Hound “Sándor” [Alexander in Hungarian], or what some people may have claimed my second child. Troy and I do not have human kids, just furry ones. We have been the proud parents of four dogs, usually having three in the household at once. Sándor (with kennel name Ősi-Vadász Bokrász) [Seeker in the Bush]) was my second child, definitely the most protective, yet caring dog I have ever owned.

My husband and I had agreed upon this type of dog for many reasons. I personally liked the appearance, and Troy, being the hunter he is, made this breed the perfect candidate. So we began our search and stumbled upon our breeder all the way in Hungary. He was the cutest little thing I had ever seen, shy at first, but not long after he was the Sándor we grew to love and know. To my husband’s dismay, Sándor did not turn out to be the hunter he had hoped for. He could not bear to leave the side of his “daddy”! So, he became the most loyal, fun, energetic and agile dog we have ever met.

Everything I have ever read about this breed was a description of my dog. Everywhere we were, Sándor as – so trusting of us, but always a little protective with strangers. This is the one thing I miss the most about my Sándor: he was the protector of the house and everyone in it. He slept in the bed every night and was always on alert.

Hmmm, not only was he the protector of the house, but also of the presents. Sándor LOVED Christmas.

No one (no dog at least) was allowed to be closert to the presents than him, and he was an expert at opening them as well. A few times opening one too many, and stealing gifts from the rest of the family. I know I can never replace my Sándor with aother one just like him, but the characteristics of the Kopó are what I miss dearly!

Fort Atkinson, WI


Gianna Grace

It is a great pleasure to introduce to you to our first home-bred Transylvanian Hound, ‘Gianna Grace’. She is the latest of four generations of unique, thorough-bred US-based breeding history.

Her name is Gianna for two reasons: the first stems from a conversation a fellow breeder and I had in discussing the litter before it was born. I told Maria how much I appreciated her expertise in keeping all of our paperwork and correspondence organized and really wanted to thank her in some way. She said, ‘Well, you can name one of the puppies after me!’ So Maria’s last name ‘Giannelli’ became the puppy’s first name Gianna! The second reason we chose the name is that in Italian it means ‘God is gracious’.

It had been seven long years since our last litter all due to the lack of a male suitable for breeding. Gianna’s mother, Lady Captain, is the last in a unique line of Old World Kopó that traces back to 1992, before breeding lines became a little more intermixed in Hungary and Romania. We were able to locate a male I had bred whose bloodlines were compatible with Captain’s and which thankfully had not been neutered.

The owners kindly consented to his siring a litter. So, fortunately, Gianna, who was born in a litter of one, could carry on that line here in the United States.

We are so grateful for her loving nature and playful, friendly spirit and look forward to seeing her happy personality passed down to future offspring. She has added joy and excitement to our lives as we have watched her grow from a little 8 oz. newborn to a beautifully proportioned young adult.

She grew up with Lady, a close-in-age Corgi puppy and loved to rough and tumble with her from the very start of their friendship. Of course, Lady was bigger at that point and was a bit too exuberant in her play, but Gianna always came back for more. As time went by, Gianna grew larger and began to tower over Lady. Still, though their play looked rough and ferocious, there was never a bite or scratch or menacing growl! To this day, they look to each other to play and wear themselves out racing full tilt around the garden, chasing each other and playing tag with the toys they snatch from the ground as they speed by! With tails high and tongues hanging out, they are the perfect picture of joyful abandon, living and loving life to the fullest.

I am excitedly awaiting the day sometime next year when Gianna will take her place in a long line of mothers who have given birth to Transylvanian Hound puppies and will continue the heritage she has been entrusted with from so many honored generations in the past.

Penn Valley, CA


Twinkle Ami

I had always wanted a dog, so when a close friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday, my answer was immediate, 'A puppy, please!' In 1999, I entered a pet store in the Poconos and left in love with a beautiful black and tan puppy! I knew as soon as I saw her that she needed me and I needed her. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Lex stayed by my side for nearly 15 years! She was the dog who made me fall completely in love with the little-known breed, the Transylvanian Hound. Over those years together, I told everyone we met about her breed and how rare they were. I wanted to share with the world this wonderfully loving and loyal breed with its ability to learn and capacity to feel what you are feeling. They are truly 'Man’s Best Friend'!

After Lex’s passing, which was not easy, I was desperate to find another Kopó; I had heard of a breeder in California and of course I figured there were some in Hungary and Romania, too. Yet how could I reach one here on the East Coast? One night, I did a Facebook search and to my surprise I found the Transylvania Hound Club’s page where, suddenly, I saw puppies! Looking at their pictures, I found myself falling in love with a sweet looking little girl with a piece of grass sticking out from under her lip. Her name was Ami. I sent a message and my story with one request: 'How do I get one?' To my even greater surprise, the reply was mind-blowing: 'You can have one as soon as the end of August.' It was early July! And the puppy available was the pup I had fallen in love with!

It was fate as if written in the stars. It was only fitting to name her 'Twinkle'. Ami had to stay as well, derived from 'Lovely', the female counter to 'Amour'. My Twinkle Ami was born with a white heart on her chest labeling her thus. Our life together has been one of bliss! Sweet and cuddly, loving and adoring; she is everything a Kopó should be. She loves to nuzzle her nose in soft places such as between couch cushions or in a pile of stuffed animals.

She loves to nibble gently on my fingers and gives me several hugs a day! She is always curious, checking out everything to see how it smells and what it feels like! As a true hound, our walks are more like “sniffing time” with me standing and waiting for her to finish smelling something good followed by mad rushes to the next fragrant spot. She has got the Kopó’s enthusiasm of a young dog mixed with the willingness to please, the perfect combination of sassy and smart.

We often visit the nearby dog park where she loves playing with the smaller doggies. She is playful and gentle and her favorite game is catch me if you can! She recently discovered the thrill of sticking her head out car windows and she loves the trips that end at my mom’s house where she runs around with her buddy Henry through the huge fenced in yard. You can get nothing past this watch dog! She notices every little detail and lets us know if something new or different has appeared. When snowy winter comes, Twinkle rushes through the house, up the stairs, down the hallways, jumping onto the beds in what we lovingly call 'Crazy Dog Time.' During summer, I take her out for walks as the day cools off into evening. Then, as the next day unwinds, she brings me my sneakers, saying, 'Come on, Mom! Let us go!' It is a nice break from the crazy days with my 5 year old twins, Kevin and Samme, who love their Twinkle while she adores them. She makes the perfect addition to the family! We made up a song for her of course. It goes like this:

Twinkle, twinkle little star.
Oh, we know you’ve come so far!
All the way from Budapest,
And we know their hounds are the best!
Twinkle, twinkle little star.
How we love you just the way you are!

Alburtis, PA